Our Center gives you the access to laser engravers and laser cutters to help you complete small or large projects. from hobbies t to entrepreneur. We can take your idea and help you make it into a reality from a one off project or a large project we can handle it we also offer webinars.

7 small format lasers. Table size from 12″x 24″ up to 30′ X 36″. Laser power ranging from 25 to 120 watts.
Laser Pro 120 watt with a large 36″ x 36″ table.
3 Beam Dynamics with the 48″ x 48″ bed (250 watt to 500 watt) will round out the complement of lasers.

Coming Soon!

Access to 3D printers need access to a 3D printer to prototype or make and idea reality. We are working on adding 3D printers to the laser foundry to give you more options to work with.
fiber laser for marking is also in the works now.

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