The Laser Foundry is Now Open in Grove City, Ohio


The Laser Foundry is in it infancy offering companies an unique opening to produce their products with our high powered cutting lasers. Currently we are offering large format service 48″ x48″ cutting beds. Each system offers either 150-watts, 250-watts, or 500-watts of cutting power. Your company can create one larger object, or 100’s of smaller objects. And are able to cut materials using   Acrylics, Woods, Textiles, Ceramics, Leathers and others.

You may use our Digital Laser Center to create your project on Corel X7 or other user formats, please inquire. My name is Christopher Zelich and I am the founder of The Laser Foundry. I have over 38 years in the Co2 laser field and have been servicing Co2 lasers much of my life. I wanted to create an environment where you the user can come and create your own ideas. I have a small staff with a Corel Draw expert at my disposal.

We work on a yearly membership fee basis. You may sign up for $119.00 per year. Your membership includes full access to the Digital Design Center for creative ideas. Your membership includes access to our facility through your own personal key code Monday thru Friday. 9AM to 5:30PM. We currently will not be open on Saturday or Sunday for members. Weekends are reserved for non-members looking to join the Laser Foundry family. We also will provide individual service for weekend visitors looking for 1-time lasered items.

During the week members have full access to any one of the lasers. All laser usage is based upon time and are charged accordingly depending upon the type and power of the laser required. The use of the Timekeeper Portal for scheduling along with a host of other features is provided in your membership.

We are always available to speak with you and answer any questions you may have. Please feel free to contact us 614.957.5817.

Due to the newness of the Laser Foundry, we have to make our way through the exact type of laser business we want to be. We are inviting your company members to help us develop our strategy in this ever increasing field of Co2 laser usage, and how it will work best for your company products.

Please reach out to me personally so we can discuss how The Laser Foundry can be of a benefit to you and your company. My telephone # is 614.957.5817. Please ask for Chris!